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madison || bridals || kimball art museum - fort worth

the word that best describes madison's bridal session is: persistence. she was in town for the weekend for her bridal shower/bridal portraits, and it was scheduled to rain all day.  we decided to keep her session time, and just hoped for the best! i was driving to our original location in dallas, and it starts pouring. like, can barely see the road type of rain. i call madison, and it's not raining at the location, so we're still going to push through. we get to the venue, and after walking up to the gate, the rain starts. so we huddle under the roof, and pull up the weather radar. it's going to be raining for a good hour, BUT the rain has already finished in fort worth. so we all pile in to our cars, and head to the fort. thankfully, the kimball art museum has beautiful grounds, without a lot of grass, so we were able to keep madison dry, and the dress relatively clean! 

(and I think the driving was worth it. this pics are πŸ”₯)

jenna || modern art bridals || fort worth wedding photographer

meet the beautiful jenna! we go way back: we went to the same church growing up and our families have been close for a long time. i was so excited when she chose me to shoot her wedding.

she wanted to do a bridal session (which are my FAVORITES!) but wasn't entirely sure where she wanted to do them. i suggested the modern and the kimball art museum in fort worth, which are two of my favorite places. (anyone getting married at the modern? hit me up, it's one of my dream venues!) 

jenna was an absolutely beautiful bride, and i will share her and owen's wedding soon! 

and an announcement: i am extending my FREE engagement session giveaway for another week! i know with last week being a holiday weekend, some people missed the memo, and i want to give everyone a fair shot! <3 

here comes the bride || amber || dallas arboretum

hello loves! 

i am so excited to share amber’s bridal session. we shot at the dallas arboretum, which is one of my all time favorite places to shoot in the dfw. amber wanted a very natural, floral environment for her portraits, so the arboretum was a perfect fit. amber is a beautiful, joyful spirit, and we had so much fun wondering out the gardens! she even had some little girls tell her she looked like a princess. πŸ˜‰

i hope you enjoy amber’s bridal session! her backyard wedding will be up on the blog soon!

here comes the bride || courtney || fort worth japanese gardens

courtney and grant are MARRIED! to celebrate, i want to show off courtney's stunning bridal session. we met up at the japanese gardens at the forth worth botanical garden, which is one of my all time favorite places to shoot. we lucked out and went on a day where the garden was almost empty, so we were able to take her all over! courtney was a stunning bride, and i am so excited to show you her and grant's wedding soon! until then, enjoy the beautiful bride!

here comes the bride || hayleah bridals || grapevine wedding photographer

hayleah will always have a special place in my photographer heart. she was the first bride to trust me completely and hire me to shoot her wedding, and for that i will always be grateful to her! we had a wonderful time traveling around grapevine and colleyville, finding the perfect little nooks for her rustic bridals. i was so glad to have hayleah as my first bride! she was so sweet and genuinely kind. i love that all my clients so far have had such great hearts, and are truly focused on the most important part of their day: getting married. <3