the new CKP! || personal

welcome to the brand spanking new chelsea kaye photography! this new website has been a long time coming, and i'm so excited to be able to show it off to the world! after attending the revive workshop in january, i knew i wanted to rebrand. i had a bit of an identify crisis at the workshop. we were talking a lot about defining our branding and who we want to be as photographers, and during my one-on-one with jessica, i completely broke down. (shout out to jessica, who stayed completely calm and didn't think i was a crazy weirdo for crying over that!) since then, i've been thinking a lot about who i want to be as a photographer, and i what i want my images to say.

i picked the words natural, organic, and romantic to be my focus words.

all my images will be natural, i've never been a fan of overly posed images. i want to capture your natural movements and smiles, not the forced smile you do when you get your drivers license photo done.

my images will be organic: i'm not going to stop your wedding day to perfectly pose and direct everything. if you cry when reading the letter your soon-to-be husband sends you on your wedding day, i'm not going to stop you and move you to the most beautiful spot just so you read it and cry again with a "prettier" background.  your true emotions will produce a stronger image than anything i can direct!  

i want all my images to be romantic. obviously you want your wedding images to convey romance, and i want that too! but i also want to show the romance in the true sense of the word: a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement and remoteness from everyday life. i shoot more than just weddings, i shoot families, seniors, and dance images. my job as a photographer is to bring out the mystery and excitement in your everyday life, and make it as beautiful as possible.

thank to the AMAZING taylor beam who created my website and branding for me. she was incredibly patient with me, and did an outstanding job. 

to celebrate the new chelsea kaye photography, i will be blogging EVERY DAY this week! i need to share all my fabulous images from the revive workshop styled sessions, i've got a gorgeous senior session, and an exciting announcement! make sure your scroll through, i've updated my blog, so there's lots of new material. stay tuned for more, and thank you for reading!