hello loves! i’m chelsea, and i’m a photographer based in the dallas/fort worth metroplex. i shoot weddings, portraits and families for those who want to tell their stories in a natural, romantic way. but you probably could’ve figured that out already, right? let’s get into the good stuff! 

i shoot weddings because there are few things greater than two people in love. i have always loved people in love: as a kid, cory and topanga breaking up was something that caused me actual distress. (true story, y’all.) once i started photography, i was itching to work with couples in love. i wanted to tell their stories, encapsulate the small moments that fill their lives. the joy when you see each other for the first time, the way he always brushes your hair out of your face, the smiles during the first dance. when i shoot your wedding day, those are the things i will be looking for. 

the non-photographer things:

i’m 28. i’m a university of north texas grad, and got my degree in photojournalism. i’ve danced my whole life, and currently work as a dance teacher/choreographer, which is one of the greatest joys in my life! i am incredibly close with my family, and love spending time with them. 

i love work out clothes more than i love working out; i am really great at binging television shows. i have watched pretty much all the shows. (god bless netflix and hulu); i have a sweet tooth that will rival most children; beyonce is my girl crush of the moment; it’s a little dangerous to leave me alone in a target or sephora. 

if you’d like to know more about me, or my photography, use the contact form to chat!